Host Committee

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Dr. Christy Hoffman

Associate Professor

Canisius College

Buffalo, NY

Dr. Malini Suchak

Associate Professor

Canisius College

Buffalo, NY

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Consistently ranked among the top regional institutions in the Northeast, Canisius College is the premier private university in Western New York and one of 27 Jesuit, Catholic colleges in the nation. Since 2011, Canisius has offered a master’s degree program in anthrozoology for students who are passionate about studying humanity’s relationships with other animal species. Throughout the program, students explore human-nonhuman interactions in a variety of contexts, including the extraordinary relationships that exist between people and companion animals; humans’ interactions with and attitudes toward wildlife; the roles of zoos and sanctuaries; policies and laws that permit instrumental and industrialized uses of nonhuman animals; and a wide range of environmental and conservation issues.

ISAZ Programs Committee

Dr. Patricia Pendry

Washington State University

Pullman, WA

Dr. Kristen Jacobson

University of Chicago

Chicago, IL

Dr. Lee Zasloff

Sierra College

Rocklin, CA

Administrative Support

Ms. Abbey Thigpen

Administrative Manager

International Society for Anthrozoology

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Ms. Lindsay Marzulla

A 2020 graduate of the Canisius Anthrozoology Master's program